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Regional Outreach Series 1: Strengths and Challenges

Knox County Meeting 2




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November 16, 2011, 6:30 p.m.

STEM Academy, Haslam Commons
800 Worlds Fair Park Drive, Knoxville

42 people registered at the second of two Knox County Forum 1 meetings, this one held in the Haslam Commons of the STEM Academy. Working in small groups, the participants identified regional strengths and challenges. Each group’s ideas were submitted to the forum as a whole and 10 to 15 common themes were identified. Participants then used real-time polling to vote on their top three assets and top three challenges.

Keypad Polling Results

Live-keypad voting captured the top three regional strengths and challenges of forum participants along with basic demographics of the attendees.

 Download Keypad Polling Results

Small Group Ideas

Small groups of four to six participants selected their top three community and regional strengths and challenges. This document serves as both a record of the three most important items identified by each table and as a catalog of ideas not selected.

 Download the Small Group Ideas organized by table

 Download the Small Group Ideas organized by theme

Idea Consolidation

Prior to keypad voting, each small group's ideas were submitted to a central repository. Computer software was used help identify similar ideas submitted by multiple groups at the same forum. These ideas were consolidated or combined and this document serves as a record of this activity.

 Download the Idea Consolidation Record

Knox County Forum 1 Photos, Meeting 2
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