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PlanET Collaborative Forms to Advance Regional Competitiveness

Posted 05/29/2014

ETcompetes is a collaborative of several East Tennessee organizations, organizations and local governments working together to help make the region more competitive.

A valuable outcome of PlanET’s three-year effort was the building of relationships among dozens of local jurisdictions and organizations. Mayors, city and county officials, citizens, and business people began to think and plan regionally. Water, air, and even people flow between counties—so too should efforts to ensure a future of economic prosperity.

ETcompetes was born from this way of thinking. ETcompetes is a collaborative of organizations, businesses, local governments, and individuals from across the East Tennessee region. The group convenes to share ideas, coordinate projects, and align resources in a way that will advance regional competitiveness.

As PlanET moved from the planning stage to implementation, project leaders and citizens recognized the need to continue fostering cross-jurisdictional relationships. The challenge, as they saw it, was to find a way to build on the regional momentum generated by PlanET.

ETcompetes will bring together key constituent groups from the East Tennessee region and partner regions statewide to discuss implementation strategies that will ensure communities address shared challenges and capitalize on shared opportunities.

A sampling of the activities that ETcompetes offers:

  • ETspeaks – Hosting regional, state, and national experts to teach best practices and illustrate ways the region can work collaboratively to address challenges and opportunities
  • – Providing a platform for sharing and disseminating information so better, fact-based decisions are made

ETcompetes will be supported by several key organizations interested in ensuring the work of PlanET does not sit on a shelf. These organizations include Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization, Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission, Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley, and East Tennessee Quality Growth.

As the coalition evolves, more information about ETcompetes and its work will be available online at Stay tuned!

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