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At the 2013 ETcompetes! Summit, attendees were asked to submit their commitment to making the region stronger. Here is what we heard...

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Continuing to build stronger food systems by providing avenues for food producers to access customers for their products. I also commit to enlivening under used locations in downtown and the surrounding communities through events and markets.Charlotte TolleyNourish Knoxville
Business: Maintaining a small local business providing employment and services for digital document management.Lauren SmithScanstore
Volunteer: continuing education of local food systems and ways to increase purchasing of local food products.Lauren SmithSlowfood TN Valley
Using my position to sell Knoxville and bring new groups and conventions to Knoxville educate these potential groups about our assets, our outdoors. Continue to volunteer with Childhelp/United way/Sertoma/Downtown Organizations/Food Sustainabilities and help make Knoxville a better place to work and live.Rebecca WilliamsKnoxville Convention Center
Supporting the local food movement to increase the access and availability to these foods for all residents.James BosiSysco
Work: Continue to invest in our neighborhoods and downtown, bringing back what once was.Brian HannDewhirst Properties
Play: Provide even more opportunities for everyone to access the natural resources of our region via the trails and facilities we provide.Brian HannAppalachian Mountain Bike Club
Continuing to support local farms and artisans to grow the access and availability of healthy, wholesome food in our region.Matt GalllaherKnox Mason Restaurant
Facilitating the development and redevelopment of strong neighborhoods and communities. Helping families and individuals throughout the region obtain safe, affordable housing and striving to achieve home ownership.Grant RosenbergKnoxville Leadership Foundation / Southern Housing Foundation / Neighborhood Housing, Inc.
All of it - It's exciting! Growing children that feel community maybe #1 - They need education, understanding of community and responsibility - outdoor education/recreation.Beth BergeronUnion County Farmer's Market
Encouraging people to get art and participate in being part of their communities and societies by attending local arts and culture events so that they can live more joyful and emotionally healthy lives.Liza ZenniArts and Culture Alliance
Creating community theatre in downtown Loudon. Continuing to serve on the Loudon County Solid Waste Disposal Commission. To continue to work on commercial real estate deals that build community.Robert HarrisonWharf Street Realty
Continue participating in United Way's strategic planning process to foster expanded regional collective action to address social and economic issues.Buz JohnsonKnoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission
Encouraging development of mix-income and affordable housing in all communitiesBecky WadeCity of Knoxville
Spearhead Knoxville Utility Board's and hopefully other water providers' efforts to reduce their "Lost Water" (Non-revenue Water). Also, explore opportunities to tutor math as I approach retirement.Ted TyreeKnoxville Utility Board
Supporting the City of Knoxville Administration to make our region and city a great place to live, work, and play. I'm committed to making my neighborhood organization a strong participant in this effort as well. I'm committed to making our schools better.Linda RrustCity of Knoxville CD
Collaborating with area organizations to promote regional workforce development and education. Purchase locally produced food.Windie WilsonWorkforce Connections
Being open to trying or supporting different transit services even if the have been tried before or seem at first glance to not be effective or efficient.Cindy McGinnisKnoxville Area Transit
Carry forward work of PlanET turn effort of ET Quality Growth! Education/economic growth.Finbarr SaundersEast TN Quality Growth
Investigating volunteer opportunities in my community.Anne WallaceCity of Knoxville
Continue supporting infrastructure improvements with partnerships of other local engineering departments, utilities, and private developers.Cindy PionkeKnox County Engineering and Public Works
Continue working with Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission to make Knoxville/Knox County a well-planned places(with sidewalks and greenways) and to continue with Together Healthy Knox to make this a healthier place.Rebecca LongmireKnoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission - Chair
Being involved in my neighborhood Association and doing more to get to know my neighbors. Becoming a TN Archives Mentor. Finding ways to expand and strengthen partnerships and supporting children and families through community schools.Stephanie WelchGreat Schools Partnership
Supporting education - both in terms of school-based education but also in terms of educating community members about the importance of working together to keep this area a great place to live, work, and play. (especially in Karns)Carolyn GreenwoodEast Tennessee Quality Growth
Promoting public health through increasing awareness of impacts of choices in how our communities grow - three factors like built environment and experience, environmental issues, food issues - using tools like Health Impact AssessmentAl IannaconeKnox Co Health Dept
Advocating for public education, ensuring that others know that Great Public schools are our responsibilities and it is the riht for all students.Tanya T. CoatsKnox County Education Association
Helping young people explore their values and priorities as they consider their roles as community members and professionals. Personally: food security and family stability.Shawna HembreeUniversity of Tennessee
Working with the counties in "PlanET" to further develop better and stronger cultural and heritage tourism resources in the region to showcase their history to the community and visitors.Lee CurtisTN Dept. of Tourist Development
Tourism and South Knoxville Neighborhood AssociationMolly GilbertMiddle East TN Tourism Council
Educating young adults about the importance of soft skills and strong relationships. Free Dale Carnegie classes for all.Sara MartinKnoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization
Increasing staff participating in serving local non-profits. See ways we as an agency can fund any ideas proposed.Joe WoodyUSDA - Rural Development
Support the expansion of PlanET to Grainger, Jefferson, and Sevier Counties.Nancy BrownCenter for Workforce development Walters Community College
Encouraging the expansion of PlanET in other counties surrounding Knox Co. as well as supporting education of TN potential workforce.Diana StanburyTN Career Center at Talbott
Offering our programs as a laboratory to explore regional growth strategies, creating economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable communities, and preserving the region's iconic landscapes.Brad CollettUT - Landscape Architecture
Working with my county to rally young parents to teach their children the soft skills necessary to be productive citizens.Lauren GrugonHome Federal Bank
Continuing our work with area non-profits in community development needs in the area.Jan EuridgeHome Federal Bank
Continuing to support local education and visioning for rural communities.Lesile FawazEast TN Community Design Center
Supporting downtown businesses to grow stronger. Assist the STEM school with business involvement and mentoring.Michele HummelDowntown Knoxville CBID
Pursue corporate sponsorship for paid volunteer hours. Continue to support ETQG administratively to promote positive growth in East TN.Michelle CramerARCADIS/ East TN Quality Growth
Creating more transportation choices in our region for all - regardless of ability, income or background.Ellen ZaviscaKnoxville Regional TPO
Working with those interested in continued conservation and preservation of water resources.Patrick MulliganRobin-Easter Design
Encouraging the expansion of PlanET in other counties surrounding Knox County as well as supporting education of TN potential workforce.  
Business: Provide leadership in the region's economic prosperity. Personal: Volunteer more personally in schools, Boy Scouts, and youth soccerTodd NapierThe Development Corp. of Knox County
Protecting historic resourcesKaye GraybealKnoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission
More parks and greenways, community gardens, and better design standards.Mike CarberryKnoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission
Continue to work hard to foster and encourage responsible development in Knoxville-Knox County to accommodate current and future residentsMichael BrusseauKnoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission
Promoting regionalism, sustainable planning, cooperation & data driven quality decision making in transportation planning in East Tennessee.Nick WeanderTN Deptartment of Transportation
Ensure ETQG is successful as a convener that will keep the momentum of PlanET and develop Champions to share the vision.Berry IlgnerARCADIS/ East TN Quality Growth
Finding more community partners to support area public school students.Graham ThomastnAchieves
Personally commit to helping Union County prosper and be the best it can be.Larry SharpImaging Technology Consulting
Providing support and mentoring to local K-12 education.Jerry EverettUniversity of Tennessee Center for Transportation Research
Getting young leaders involved in the community.Brian TappNAI Knoxville
Improving transportationMark L. JohnsonCity of Alcoa
Sponsoring more workshops on food production, gardening, energy efficiency and conservation.Chad HellwinckelKnoxville Permaculture Guild
Supporting education improvement and community schools.Phil WatsonKnoxville Habitat
Health, nutrition, fresh food, wellnessMelissa KnightInter Faith Health Clinic
Sending more first generation students to college and ensure they have the tools to compete.Krissy DeAlejandrotnAchieves
I am committed to providing accurate actionable home data to home owners to be able to track the value of their residences and potential investments.Warren PinedaCaldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace
Work with all mayors in our region to make East Tennessee a better place for all citizens.Don MullCity of Alcoa
Collaborating with communities to build out infrastructure for Broadband and continue to support education with AT&T and job shadowing exercises with high schools in the region.Alan HillAT&T
Greenway extension/development, downtown redevelopment, encourage community involvement, and bolster relationships with existing industries.Stephanie MyersLoudon County Economic Development Agency
Teaching Leave No Trace ethics and responsible teamwork through UT Outdoor Program and promoting the future of sustainable transportation through the UT ECOCAR 2 competition.Sarah ZimmermanUniversity of Tennessee
Continue of KAPA to build good planning practices and pursue an organization of developers, bankers, community leaders, and government leaders to pursue excellence.Kathryn BaldwinCity of Oak Ridge
Continuing to collaborate with other areas in the region with regard to linkages - business, education, recreation/greenways.Chris HambyCity of Alcoa
To continue to promote health and wellness through East Tennessee Children's Hospital Community Benefits programs - Obesity Coalition, AED placements in schools, injury prevention through car seat and helmet promotion, etc.Linda Cox-CollierEast TN Children's Hospital
Working collaboratively with other Ed funds to maximize our positive impact on schools and Promoting tnAchieves in other counties.Buzz ThomasGreat Schools Partnership
EducationJulie GrahamKnoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission/ PlanET
Mentoring young entrepreneurs, finding new ways to attract creative class people and companies, fostering a strong creative class community within our region.Chuck MorrisMorris Creative Group
Enhance community partnerships that create educational opportunities.Kim HarrisRoane State Community College
Working with ETQG - convening workshops and spreading regional cooperation especially economic development to the 16 counties .Lil MashburnEast TN Quality Growth
Discovering my new community's parks, greenways and volunteer organizations, sending tnAchieves students to college with mentor support, and hosting an Ignite Knoxville event.Kaci MurleytnAchieves
Recommit to collaboration of cities within the county for effective access to information and a willingness to participate in all boards and committees to accomplish offering education to children in the county so they are prepared for the challenges of a global world.  
Making Smiles a board successful source of transportation for seniors and being willing to share what has been learned with others in the region who are interested.Joani ShaverBlount County Community Action
Promoting sustainable development in order to improve and maintain the quantity of life and health of our community through the way we design, build and operate our buildings and communities.Cameron RichtersBenefield Richters Co.
Working with the city and Food policy council to improve our local food system including healthy food access in neighborhoods designated as food deserts.Jake TisingerCity of Knoxville
Involving my employees to volunteer at Community Board events including Senior Events, Charity Events, walks promoting healthy living and medical need and our school systems.Doug HamburgerDistrict Manager Walgreens
Placemaking! Bringing people together to build connections between places (homes, school, parks, and business) and creating tiny gems along the way to inspire a sense of community and hope.Ben EpersonKnox County Health Department
Work on downtown Lenoir City to strive we have a long way to go but there are people who have been there before. I would like to work with those more knowledgeable.Monty RossEast TN Quality Growth
Preserving and enhancing the scenic resources in our area to improve the visual aesthetics of our public realm to make this area a premier location where people want to live and visit.Joyce FeldScenic Knoxville
To support local agriculture by producing a local food source and supporting our local farmers.Joyce FeldTN Valley Farms
Job Creation and capital investment redevelopment. Transportation planning.Pat PhillipsLoudon County Economic Development Agency
Advocate and recommend policy changes to support and healthy community, healthy local food system, and including supporting regional farmers and growers.Fiona McAnallyKnox County Health Department
Grow the regional effort through ETQG. Promote water quality through Little River Watershed Association and other venues. Grow dialog on community health through Blount County Community Health. Keep local planning linked to regional efforts through planning commissions. Addressing needs of elder mobility through SMiles. Promote regional greenways through Great Smoky Mountain Greenway Council.John LambBlount County Planning Department
Continuing to deliver quality design and planning services to civic and non-profit organizationsJason WoodleEast TN Community Design Center
Connecting community through great physical planning - great packs connections to nature, water resources, connections back to children and community leadersMarcia TobinAECOM Design and planning
Growing community awareness of the importance of bioregional cooperation to securing the integrity of our natural life support systems and the health of our regional economy.Wolf NaegeliFoundation for Global Sustainability
VolunteerismW. Von ShipmanUnion County Chamber of Commerce
Addressing equity through attention to policy, opportunity, institutional practices and resource allocation.Nina GreggCommunication Resources
Try to help ETQG carry on this effort.Doug GambleEast TN Quality Growth
Continuing to work on equity(health equity) issues around the region. Work with other organizations to become competitive through economic develop planning and health.Sheryl ElyKnox County Health Department
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